#FittingOut Stories

Like I had mentioned in my previous posts, I had taken my campaign #FittingOut to the Annual Delhi Pride Parade this year and had asked people to share their Fittingout stories. They were all so beautiful and moving and I’m so glad to be finally putting all of them together for you guys to read. So *drum rolls* and here it goes:



“Like most of the introvert kids in my school, I tried fitting into groups that led to me being a kind of individual I wasn’t. And I resented that a lot! Not bothering yourself with the negative things that people have to say about you only leads to a positive discovery of oneself.”




“I was a little tomboyish at school and I never liked wearing skirts and all the other stuff that women are supposed to wear. I’m usually very friendly with people and that was also why I was so popular at school. So yeah, I’m happy fitting out and I think if you fit out you make an identity for yourself.”




“I’ve always supported LGBTQI rights and I think it’s absolutely normal. But my parents and my acquaintances have always asked me to not put forth my views out in the public. But I do that anyways.”




“I had no particular group that I belonged to in school. In fact I was that one girl who was mostly punished during classes. I have curly hair and people would often want me to have them straightened.

I think love is love. The queer community is so misunderstood and people aren’t exactly aware of their struggles and the challenges they face. People are always so quick to judge them which I think needs to change.”




“I’ve come out only recently to myself as bisexual and this is my second pride, however the first after coming out to myself. Though my office colleagues very actively support the queer community, I haven’t come out to them yet.”




“I used to play the female characters in school plays and most of my guy friends were cool with it. In fact I was in an all boys’ school, so the guys had to play the female parts and while all other boys would run away, I’d happily volunteer. My parents weren’t aware of my trans-fluidity until a year ago, in fact my dad still doesn’t know but my mum supports me a lot and has given me the freedom to be who I want to be.”


Benim Yakışıklı Adam

I’d written this poem more than a year ago for someone extremely special to me. I stumbled upon this while I was going through my older posts and some of the things made me smile, while some made me laugh real hard thinking of how naive I must have been. But then we all evolve. It’s only when we make mistakes that we learn how to fix them.

Peace in.

The Effeminare

He has the most magnificient brown eyes, 

I could so effortlessly vanish into them. 

Those fine delicate lines that guard his eyeball, 
Like a splash of bright light on a dark winter moon, 
And how I’d never want to find my way out. 
He must smell like murraya mixed with Spanish marjoram, 
Or may be cologne. 
With his exhilarating voice he made me fall on my knees
His lush black hair with streaks of mocha
Made me fondle his hair,
The cafunè they say in Brazil, His smile would melt my heart. 
His fragile and cotton soft face 
Carved by the mightiest and the wisest of the Lords.
One fine day he must come dressed in velvet and jewels
I’d wear a jacket with  an eternal cape
That would be royally blue pashmina adorned with jade
The touch of satin on your face,
Yes! And the way it must…

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