|| Finding Anny ||


A little something I worked on the other day. Recreating the official Vogue India cover for October with Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh in it.

Anny is a name I was given back in school by my closest set of friends and it sort of has stayed with me even today. 😛 I did a little Googling and it told me Anny is a Hebrew name meaning, “He (God) has favored me” and he indeed has. I am evolving everyday and still trying to understand who I really am and that’s how I came across something important.

I often find people looking down upon effeminacy. More often than not, people do not have an issue with homosexuality. The problem lies in what they have defined as abnormal for them. Anything that does not fit into their definition of normal is weird. Perhaps the problem could be solved by defining a new normal for us all?

“Men must behave like men”, said a man in his description on Grindr (And I agree Grindr is the last place I should be looking for politically correct and intelligent statements!). Isn’t that in some way suggestive of his dislike towards his sexuality? Or maybe he is okay with homosexuality, but has an issue with men being effeminate. One of the biggest problems on earth is how much we hate people like us. More often than not people hate people of their own kind more than the people who’re different than us. When Priyanka Chopra becomes arguably the first Asian to be a face of an American television series as slick as Quantico, it is the Indians who have more of an issue with her success. “Oh her accent is so fake!”, “And now she’s having sex abroad!”.

I feel sad when I see a classmate of mine pointing out how ugly and ordinary-looking Freida Pinto is. No one adores Freida Pinto as much as I do. I look upto her in so many ways than I can count. How many Indians born and brought up in India go abroad and are able to not just be a part of not just inspirational Indie movies but also crack all those big-banners? I really wanted to understand the real reason behind us doing so and I could finally find one- insecurity. One of my acquaintances on knowing my interest in the field of digital art and fashion condescendingly said to me, “But why do you want to be a part of something like Fashion?”

No wait a second, do you know anything about the world of Fashion? Do you know or even remotely understand the work that goes into coming up with something new and interesting in a world where almost everything has been tried and tested  and to top it all execute the same and make it look desirable and wearable enough to the audience?

She was also quick to assert, “I see how you also speak like those gay men I saw on Bigg Boss, may be because you have started living with such people?”

So much has been spoken of the problem with prejudice and the concept of passing a judgment without having even the slightest idea of the bigger picture. And all these people I talk about are educated individuals. Education isn’t only about learning the ability to read and write. Education is developing the ability to think rationally without mindless preconceived notions, the ability to develop a mind of your own and do something substantial for this society that you are a part of. But fuck that shit! “I went to a school so I could get myself a job, a spouse and judge people around me my entire life.”

Logic plays no role in such conversations. We are believed to be living in a country that came up with the concept of Karma, but yeah, ‘Fuck karma! I am going to look down upon what you do and make myself look bigger’. Well, I’m not sure whether someone told you, “You cannot fix yourself by breaking someone else”.


Siddhant clicked this picture for me on Arushi’s camera and let me tell you I was back from a play and I was effing tired but all the sweat made my skin shine bright, so I ain’t complaining.

Peace in.

The Time He Went to Meet His Parents


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So this week “The Effeminare Man” is going to attend his boyfriend’s sister’s wedding and therefore he’ll be meeting his boyfriend’s family for the first time. While he’s pretty nervous about it, he made sure his fashion game is still … Continue reading

When I felt like Recording

The other night while I was jotting down ideas for my next blog-post, I felt why not do a review of the year so far? To be honest the last 4 months have been an absolute roller-coaster ride and I can’t think of another time when I had spoken to as many strangers who ended up becoming some very good friends. To start with, Artist at Work’s Impart happened to me. Through Impart I got to meet a lot of people from Delhi University. More importantly Impart works towards teaching kids different forms of art in the NGOs around Delhi. Last year I got to work at Umeed near Qutub Minar where I’d met some incredible kids who I was teaching painting back then. I still am in touch with some of them. This year I did two vocal music sessions with them. While I was there to give Hindustani Classical music lessons the only thing most of the kids were interested in was Honey Singh. Delhi is obsessed with Bollywood and I can’t remember anyone who’s had an influence bigger than Honey Singh. Perhaps every little corner in Delhi has its own version of a ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’. Currently I am allotted Salaam Balak Trust’s Aasra in Paharganj where we do little art and craft sessions. Back in March this year, Impart was celebrating its first birthday and I was supposed to make a scrapbook where the kids were supposed to write how they felt about Impart. That’s when I got to know that the kids there weren’t attending school. One of these boys had recently joined the center and he was from the North-east. The fact that he was able to write and that too write in English made my day. Every week as I attend these sessions, it reminds me of how blessed so many of us are to be able to attend a school and get our education, a basic right that so many kids still don’t have access to. Every time I go for the session, there’s this kid who comes running to give me a hug. And all that he needs is a hug to make him happy.  It reminds me of how important it is to cherish every moment of my present instead of cribbing over the past and that there is so much work that has to be done and that we who’ve had our opportunity must do the same for all these kids.

I happened to have never really heard of Starbucks till one of my friends last year posted a picture of his coffee from Starbucks with his name written over it. My friend Savi who I met through Impart and who I became friends with in like two minutes took me for my first cup of coffee at Starbucks. So while Savi, Manisha and I were having our coffee and gossiping for hours, a group of musicians came by to put up a little show. Some of them were from California, some from Poland and then there were some who’d just moved back to India from California. While some were independent musicians, others had come as bands. I couldn’t have had a better first time at Starbucks. That day was nothing short of magic. I made friends, got to speak with some incredible minds and it sort of stayed with me for days that followed. I just couldn’t get over how incredible that day was. Moments like these remind me and strengthen my faith in my belief that our life is a miraculous journey written by God. We are all in fact Alices in our own Wonderlands and the Wonderland will make us come across some incredible lessons, a red-headed villain, and a dangerous fight in the end which we can all overcome to transform us from ordinary into extraordinary.

And while all of this was on, KOOVS happened to me around March. All they wanted was an individual with a passion for Fashion. A classmate of mine sent me a link to the internship. I applied, went for the interview, and got through. So yay! 😛

While the entire journey helped me understand fashion a little better than what I had in my mind earlier, it gave me a bigger picture of how things might be in the future. To be able to be good at something you need two things- Aptitude and hard work. And the amount of hard work one needs to put in hugely surpasses your aptitude for the same. Years back my coaching teacher at Vidyamandir had said the same and it sort of became oh-so fresh in my mind. Sometime back I was watching an interview by Mira Nair and Lupita Nyong’o together and the latter spoke of how the former believes in nothing short of perfect when it comes to her work and that she never accepts mediocrity from her performers. It sort of has become my mantra in life. I too want to be perfect and nothing short of it. I hope I am able to live up to this belief forever.

This week I was in the mood to draw portraits.  Came across a picture of this beautiful model and I was like let’s give this a try.  So here’s what went into creating the entire sketch.






Peace in.