The Mouse I share my room with

Nothing beats the happiness of a semester that has just ended. No really, it’s been a tough semester and I know I’ve grown stronger with the end of this one. It is no less than a war fighting assignments, projects and the one and half hour long lectures every semester. Engineering is no funny business. I’ve cried for hours struggling with the academics, I have tried hard at every lab exam I had to attend, noting down values I wouldn’t understand, practicing math equations I would hardly follow, but I tried. I’ve learned a lot from my eighteen year old self in the first semester who did not have much to look forward to but still clinged on to the little hope he had and religiously did his academics, studied till late at night and woke up at 6:30 in the morning to catch an hour and a half long metro to college and gave a dreadful exam where he was asked to implement a clock on Verilog he had no idea of and then went on to implement fancy muxes on a breadboard and made it through his final lab exam. I have no idea how I did it, may be the fact that I was done with one of my eight semesters made me happy. But I know it’ll continue to empower me. And I always pray to God to give me enough strength to fight all such wars in the future and never stop learning. Because learning is the only way we’re going to get better.

So while I had paid for a single seater this semester, I have been provided one with a little mouse running around eating my almonds. I used to try real hard getting him out of my room. Onions, deodorants (I don’t know why I used that), and every possible home remedy you name and I have tried. But that is one hell of a resilient (or stubborn?) mouse that simply wouldn’t go. And now I’ve just gotten so accustomed to him being around that I just cannot get a mice poison from the market to kill him. He’s sorta cute. Anyway I haven’t been able to make illustrations for almost a month now owing to my busy schedule due to my multiple projects, final assignments, photoshoots (I’ll let you know why I have been working on them)  and exams. But I will be back to business. So let the December begin.

Sneak peek into the pictures I did with Savi for her college magazine.





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And she’s a Coder!


Yes! That’s exactly what ‪#‎TheEffeminareWoman‬ is so passionate about. She loves the language of computers and could never imagine her life without it. She might have found the love of her life now, but deep down she knows what her first love is- Programming!
And who did she decide to Effeminare this time? @mawis_vintage isn’t only a talented blogger. She’s much more than that. Perhaps the most down to earth and hard working person I’ve met. You meet her once and you know why she is the kind of blogger she is today. Good Luck Mawi! You’re doing great.

Also I had the most fun-filled Durga Pooja ever! I’ve already mentioned of my mad-love for this event and this year was no less. I did a little Dilli darshan as well. And here’s a set of pictures from what I wore on one of these days during Durga Puja. Let me know what you think of these.

Also I love being back home. Haryana has one of the most beautiful places on earth and I had the opportunity to visit one of these places. Pratapgarh farms are about sixty kilometers from where I stay and it’s actually the way to the farms that is prettier.



Following are some pictures I clicked on the day of my visit. ❤


Wall Art | Location: Pratapgarh Farms, Haryana, India


Location: Pratapgarh Farms, Haryana, India


Cousin Love ❤


Pretty pretty swans! Location: Pratapgarh Farms, Haryana, India

Peace in. 🙂


Back in 2014. Durga Pooja. Golden Nehru Jacket from Fab India. Location Courtesy: Jharli Haryana

    It’s been a while since I wanted to add a fashion section to my blog, and I’m kinda really glad that I finally have made up my mind that from today ‘The Effeminare’ is truly going to be all about the things I’m passionate about.
    I am a ‘Fashion Sybil’. I love monochrome, black and white, embroidery, kitsch, quirk, psychedelic prints to a mad riot of colors. To me Fashion is all about experimenting. It’s okay to make mistakes but never stop trying. Never be afraid to take risks and mix and match things to create different combinations and designs that you think look good. That’s what style is about. Fashion is clothes, style is what lies within you. That thing that you make out of the clothes and the fabrics you have around. So my very first post is going to be about my love for everything Indian. And as we move up the ladder, I’ll write about the new things I’ve learned in the process. So let the game begin!

So what exactly is Fashion to me? Expression. That’s the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of it. Fashion lets me express myself in the best possible way. And then it is obviously about creativity. What I truly love about it is the fact that there is no language to fashion. There is so much to explore and so much to learn that it sorta gives me my much needed adrenaline rush. I’d like to believe that this one’s a passionate love story. It all began with Delhi Times which happened to be my Bible throughout school. My first thing in the morning or my first thing after school. Many a times I’d end up taking the newspaper to school. From that it moved on to Filmfare, Femina, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and a super-high dose of the Next Top Model series- America, New Zealand, Australia and one season of Asia. As I flipped through those glossy sheets, I was transported into a mad world of design, colors, freedom, madness and happiness. Guess that is how it feels when you’re high on dope. 😉

First thing on my list is the classic Nehru Jacket. What I love about jackets in general is the structure they provide to your body. They’re perfect to wear during early winters or during the spring. Wear it on a kurta or a shirt and you’re good to go. I love Kantha Nehru jackets. In Delhi you can either buy them with sleeves or without the sleeves. In fact women who are up for taking risks and if you think you’ve got the body and more importantly the confidence to pull it off, give that shirt or kurta a miss and wear your Kantha jacket with panache (well tailored and well-fitted of course). The ones that I’ve got were all made in Rajasthan. They have an interesting mix of not just colors but also unique and pretty prints. Kantha is pretty famous all around Odisha and Bengal. My mum used to cover the matrices and bed cushions with kanthas. I’ve for some reason loved the smell of Kanthas since the beginning. They’re warm, comfortable and have this distinct smell that reminds me of my childhood. #Nostalgia

Peace in.

Throwback to last year’s Durga Pooja in Delhi.
I went to Miranda on the 28th of Feb for Sona Mohapatra’s Concert. It was incredible. Loved how vocal she was about issues that really matter. And  this is Geetika with me, my friend from Vishwa Bharati.