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Isn’t it sorta funny that no matter how much good we might be surrounded with we can’t help but constantly let ourselves be nagged by the evil? We keep cribbing about how imperfect our childhood was or our present is and that nothing can be done about the future. Don’t tell me you haven’t been there! Why can’t we simply focus on the better things in life? Interestingly the people who put you off today will tomorrow become one of the reasons for you to be able to climb up those stairs. So fuck ‘em all and swag mode on. B) There’s no way I’m getting over this word anytime soon. #Swag 😛

Caitlyn Jenner showing the world how one breaks the Internet. (Picture Source: Instagram)

To be able to be born in a body as that of your mind is a privilege which not all of us have. And to be able to finally celebrate the oneness of your soul and your body is a feeling beyond ecstasy. Bruce Jenner’s makeover into Caitlyn Jenner is one of the most dynamic expressions of freedom and I couldn’t be any happier for her. Sometimes a little change here, a little change there and that’s all that it takes to transform an individual from drab to fab. That’s exactly the kind of happiness I felt when one night I made it a point to talk to myself about my displeasure with my sexuality. Night after night I untied every knot of discomfort and confusion and by the end of it all it felt like I’d gifted me a new life. A life much more dignified than the one that had the ability to strangle me to death. Sometimes all that you need is a vision. The idea of a possibility that yes, it indeed can happen and I can have it too, because I deserve happiness as much as everyone around me does. Moving on to a makeover I did back in April as one of my tasks for KOOVS. Taking some serious inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2015 trends I mixed suit separates with brick colored (shades of red) chino shorts. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the jacket is all pin-striped. To make the color pop out, I’ve stuck to a crisp white shirt and a black blazer which makes the entire look classy while keeping it minimal. For shoes I wanted to experiment with something other than loafers or black formal platform shoes. So I made Masroor wear a slick pair of black sneakers keeping in mind the casual look. The classic Lennon glasses round up the look. I had a lot of fun doing pictures for this task. Masroor was an absolute natural when it came to posing for the camera. This was my fifth task and by this time I had had a better understanding of clothes and styling than the time I had started. I hope you guys like the styling. Here’s how it all looked in the end:






Peace in.

Occupied Unoccupied

Took this pretty picture of the leaves and those bright red flowers at the Humayun Tomb, New Delhi. If you’re in Delhi, you have to visit this place. It’s beautiful!

    People! Firstly. I’m genuinely sorry for not being able to update my blogs for a long time now. Not that I’ve not been writing the last couple of days, but I’ve been writing way too much for other people than I have been for Effeminare. There’s been a lot happening since I last updated the blog. So *Drum rolls* and yes, I’ve been interning finally. And more importantly it’s a fashion internship with KOOVS as a Style Ambassador. I will slowly and steadily reveal more about it in the coming days. But as of now you can get a little faint idea of what I’ve done from my Instagram and Facebook Feeds. I’ve posted my work there, and you are absolutely welcome to go check out my work and give me some love. ^_^


Picture with the Bride. How pretty does she look! *_*

So let’s start with where I had left this. Firstly around the second week of March I had the opportunity to go and visit my mum’s hometown Bhubaneswar. It was so so so so good and I felt like never returning. It was a wedding and there were not too many people (which seldom happens given the fact that we are a joint family). I got to do a lot of shopping for the wedding and bought a new pair of Kolhapuris. I wore a cotton dhoti with little orange weaving in the borderline of the cloth. A green Sambalpuri ikat kurta and a reddish-ocher kantha jacket. I had loads of good food (obviously) given that my maternal grand father has a little workplace where he makes loads and loads of the most amazing Indian (and mostly Odiya) desserts. It’s like I am in a candy land when I’m in Bhubaneswar. Absolute bliss. :’)

And then once I was back, a slew of assignments popped up which have occupied me till now. I had the orientation that I had to attend for the internship which took me to LetsIntern Office. There office is a beauty by the way! Also that week, I got to attend Pearl Academy of Fashion’s fest, where I felt like the most under-dressed complex torn individual ever. It was like walking into the sets of Splitsvilla. Almost everybody was fit and everybody was well dressed. I had my staple Dell bag which is not actually as fashionable, but I had my Artist At Work session at Aasra before that and I had way too many things to carry, so you now know why I had that bag. And guess what! I got to see Kanan Gill’s amazing show! LIVE! He is obviously very cute and extremely funny. He is a package. Period. Also there was this amazing show by Mustafa Zahid. I know he’s married but hell yeah, he’s hot! And an amazing singer. He had the entire crowd drooling to his beautiful songs. Wow!

Mustafa Zahid looking very hot. And then he also sings well.
Like OMG! ^_^

Last week my uncle, aunt and her kids were here in Delhi and you know what, there’s no one who can replace the happiness of being with your family. It’s better than any therapy in the world and the most fulfilling experience of all. I haven’t been able to go back home (or Jharli to be precise. Yes that’s where my parents live. :P) and just being able to meet them and visit all these cool places and talking to them is like the best feeling ever.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand. Ahem! Guess where I went this week. *Amazon India Fashion Week* ^_^ I got to touch those clothes by Manish Arora and Gauri and Nainika. They’re absolute genius!

Harper’s Bazaar India Collection on display at AIFW

Peace in.