Did she fall in LOVE?

It's only their second date and things seem to be clicking for 'The Effeminare Woman' like never before. He's understanding, is intelligent and more importantly is interested in listening to her. Are things going way too quick, or is it okay to speed it up when you know it's working? Can you really fall in …


|| Meet Aravani! ||

Hey people! This week I made a new friend and I'm dying to tell you guys about her. Meet Aravani! She was born a man but she says she is a woman inside. Aravani was born named Aryan but she renamed herself after she came across the Aravanis of Tamil Nadu. The transgender brides of …

I’ve got a Logo!

Boys and Girls! So here I am finally up with the official logo for "The Effeminare- where art meets acceptance". I'll be posting a lot of interesting stuff. Very excited! So stay tuned and go hit that follow button, because you don't wanna miss out on all the action. Peace in.