Today We Begin

Because I have the most endearing and intelligent set of friends ever who have learned the skill of weaving words into such delightful pieces of art and you should not be missing out on these. Way to go Simran! ❤


I am in love with words and the magic of expression. How much? Ironically, to tell you that, I am short on words.

It’s a certain different kind of magic that words weave. And I, like a million others in this world, have been caught in this magic. So beautiful has been its way that it has led me to the answers of questions I never even knew I wanted to ask. Words, put together in a thread of thoughts, have at times disillusioned my mind, while at other occasions gifted me with clarity. They have built me,

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Better than *Me*

A little excerpt from what I'd written back in December while I was preparing for Mr Gay World India, and I'd asked myself "What if it doesn't work that way?" and this came out of that: "The biggest problem with us is that we don’t let ourselves accept the fact that it can also happen …

Beautiful You

  The last couple of days have been extremely over-whelming with all the attention, love (mostly) and support I’ve received from the people around me and I will always be very grateful for every bit of it. This is going to be a completely self-introspective post and therefore parts of it might seem completely out …