The Time He Went to Meet His Parents


So this week “The Effeminare Man” is going to attend his boyfriend’s sister’s wedding and therefore he’ll be meeting his boyfriend’s family for the first time. While he’s pretty nervous about it, he made sure his fashion game is still going strong as he recreates one of his favorite looks from the blog Blueberry Blackout that he avidly follows. What is his first meeting with his parents going to be like? Stay Tuned!

So I guess this is one of those prints that took me quite a while to recreate but it was so much fun making something complex and interesting. Also, remember in my earlier posts I had mentioned of something exciting about to happen? Well, it has finally. I am on Pink-pages again this year with a very interesting article called “Growing Up Gay- not Regretting my Past”. You can read the entire piece here. The week that just went by has been extremely over-whelming with multiple deadlines, presentations, quizzes, and dance practice sessions and when I finally saw that the post was up, it made up for all the pain I’d been through. There are some articles, that you don’t even have to think about while writing. You start with them and before you know, you’re already done. That happens when your thoughts are well in place and seamlessly flow out. “Growing Up Gay” is one such piece and to be honest, one of my favorite pieces till date. Do go ahead and give it a view. And if you do feel like, don’t forget to post a comment. Much Love. ❤

Peace in.

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