Tapped Into My Alice

I’m so happy to be reposting this article I’ve written for Artists at Work’s blog. A piece I’d written straight from my heart. Give it a read and let me know your thoughts over it. Peace in.

Artist At Work Productions

Of late I’ve come across a lot of shows that deal with comic book characters and a constant fascination with larger than life super-humans clad in skin-tight spandex which made me a little curious and I felt like perhaps I should give some of these comic books a read. That said I’ll be very honest about my disinterest in any form of comic book superheroes growing up (more so because I was never interested in reading). I was more a ‘Cartoon Network’ kind of a person. But over the years I’ve come to realize that they in fact have had a lot bigger influence on me than I’d thought of.

Clark Kent is like any other journalist residing in a fictional city of Metropolis in America. His lady love is Lois Lane with whom he’s awkward and is constantly making efforts to confess his love, but in vain. Peter Parker…

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