|When Summers end and Fishes don’t swim|

Happy Friendship Day people! Made this post for Bazinga Box’s Facebook page. Do give it a view there. 🙂

    It’s been so long since I sat in front of my computer to write something real and pure. And I will be honest but I absolutely love being able to talk to my computer and more often than not when I decide to write a fresh blog-post, I feel like a little part of me found an answer to a question I was looking for. So firstly some exciting news is coming up but I’ll keep it to myself for now and I will for sure post about it once it all clicks. I had the most amazing summers I could have ever imagined. Every part of me wanted to just run away from Delhi once my last semester got over. By the end of April, I was completely drained of energy, and more importantly food. So I took a much needed break and went back home to my parents. I was living on my not-so-fast phone’s net pack and I finally managed to pick myself up and hit the gym. I wanted to give all the time to myself, pamper myself, and finally sleep and eat like the way I used to. I’m sorta glad that I did everything that I had planned out on and as the summers have come to an end, I’m back in Delhi with my third year starting tomorrow.

Yesterday I went for the last session at Salaam Baalak Trust’s Aasra. The officials seemed to have some issues with the way we functioned and we had to discontinue. But it was hands down the most memorable session I’ve had at Aasra. We did a little game that I used to play back in school. I used to call it the “London se Chitthi aayi” game. We then had a little chat with the kids and it just all became so emotional. They were all homeless street kids before they were brought to Aasra. Some were beaten, some didn’t have a place to go, and some haven’t seen their parents ever. It really is a difficult life for many out there. It does make me sad to listen to stories of kids in particular. These are their formative years and this is the time when they need to go to school and be happy. Nobody deserves to live unhappy. And we have a lot to do for a lot of kids.

 So I’m interning as an Illustrator with Bazinga Box owing to which I have sort of taken a little break from my sessions at Impart. That could also be because of a realization that has dawned upon me that there is nothing very noble about being poor. 😛 It could be priorities too. Or may be because I just realized that I need to save myself first to be able to save others. Anyways I’m trying to learn as much as I can as soon as possible. I love art and to be able to work in that very field makes me the happiest. So yay! Also I tried learning to drive a car during summers. Not the best at it, but let’s see if I can make it happen. Also I felt like for a long time I kept telling myself that let’s just go with the flow. Sometimes we stop pushing ourselves when we say that. We’re like let’s chill for a while. That’s when we forget to pick ourselves up again and get moving. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that only dead fish go with the flow. Sometimes we have to push ourselves, because that’s the only way it’s gonna work. Because our dreams our valid and we are important. It’s a long grueling ride with so many talented and hard working people around. But who said we’re giving up? Let’s keep swimming and swim till we make it.

Peace in.

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