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This is what I wake up to every morning. The only thing missing is a Zack, the sea and a deck. Looks even better in the rain. That said, Haryana’s getting hotter by the day. Rain, you need to get here right away.


I often wonder what my life would be without the WordPress Reader and Instagram. These days I spend almost an hour of my time reading stories shared on the Official Instagram blog as well as stories shared by people on WordPress. I love how they keep posting these wonderful stories of people from around the world who’ve devoted themselves into passionately working for the one thing that makes their life worth living. It could be a passion for weaving hats out of wool of the varied amount of burgers available at someone’s diner or it could be just about sketching the pictures of your baby to record his moves everyday in a simple yellow notebook. It inspires me, makes me aware of a whole new world I madly want to travel, and reminds me every day of my life that there is indeed a long way to go. It is really funny to see how we might belong to all these different cultures and societies, but we’re still very much same in a gazillion ways and a common thread of hope and humanity connects all of us. The art of being able to live your life to the fullest is not really as different as one might believe in fact. The one above us all has crafted our lives beautifully and we must let ourselves learn from the little things in life.

Today while I was walking back home, I saw a woman handpicking little tweaks of dried out grass from the field. And just so that you know, it was effing hot! The temperature must have been way above forty degrees and I didn’t have an umbrella. I couldn’t get the image of her picking the grass out of my mind. It kept hitting me again and again that there’s nothing on earth that I am ever going to take for granted. I cherish every bit of what I have and I am extremely grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to go to a school and learn and educate myself. I couldn’t walk for around 4 minutes in the scorching heat and the woman had to work there for hours, walk back home which must’ve been around 2-3 kilometers or more than that, and then cook her food and it isn’t like she has an air-conditioned, well-furnished house. So many of us are working very hard to make ends meet and be able to weave a quality life for ourselves. And that’s exactly the reason I respect and adore every little thing that I have to myself.


Look how pretty it looks from the top! Can’t get over all that cotton candy floating in the sky. This was way back in March. I was with my Mum on our way back to Delhi from Bhubaneswar.



I was trying to click the Lotus temple and I missed it. 😛

The other day I was watching Steven Retchless’ performance on America’s Got Talent, and boy! He is definitely got some serious talent. The way he dances on a pole, that could well become an Olympic sport. And it was so annoying to see Piers Morgan be nothing but a douche bag (read d**k head) . According to him, poles are not meant to be used by men to dance! He’s on the national television and he’s downright being a judgmental homophobe. Like how?! And what annoyed me furthermore was how Howie had to prove how straight he was, saying he loved the woman on the right and so he could not focus on his performance. Thankfully Shannon was the only saving grace of the show and the oly one to make sense. This was way back in 2009 though. Six years down the line, have things really changed? #FoodforThought


This is what I’m working on lately. High time I added all that color to my life. ^_^ Picture by: Mumma


Also Lorde is on the cover of Vogue Australia this month.  Here she's wearing Givenchy. Styled be Vogue's Fashion director Christine Centenary. And did I mention that I'm obsessed with this look?

Also Lorde is on the cover of Vogue Australia this month. Here she’s wearing Givenchy. Styled be Vogue’s Fashion director Christine Centenary. And did I mention that I’m obsessed with this look?

Peace in.

| The one with the Makeover |

Isn’t it sorta funny that no matter how much good we might be surrounded with we can’t help but constantly let ourselves be nagged by the evil? We keep cribbing about how imperfect our childhood was or our present is and that nothing can be done about the future. Don’t tell me you haven’t been there! Why can’t we simply focus on the better things in life? Interestingly the people who put you off today will tomorrow become one of the reasons for you to be able to climb up those stairs. So fuck ‘em all and swag mode on. B) There’s no way I’m getting over this word anytime soon. #Swag 😛

Caitlyn Jenner showing the world how one breaks the Internet. (Picture Source: Instagram)

To be able to be born in a body as that of your mind is a privilege which not all of us have. And to be able to finally celebrate the oneness of your soul and your body is a feeling beyond ecstasy. Bruce Jenner’s makeover into Caitlyn Jenner is one of the most dynamic expressions of freedom and I couldn’t be any happier for her. Sometimes a little change here, a little change there and that’s all that it takes to transform an individual from drab to fab. That’s exactly the kind of happiness I felt when one night I made it a point to talk to myself about my displeasure with my sexuality. Night after night I untied every knot of discomfort and confusion and by the end of it all it felt like I’d gifted me a new life. A life much more dignified than the one that had the ability to strangle me to death. Sometimes all that you need is a vision. The idea of a possibility that yes, it indeed can happen and I can have it too, because I deserve happiness as much as everyone around me does. Moving on to a makeover I did back in April as one of my tasks for KOOVS. Taking some serious inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2015 trends I mixed suit separates with brick colored (shades of red) chino shorts. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the jacket is all pin-striped. To make the color pop out, I’ve stuck to a crisp white shirt and a black blazer which makes the entire look classy while keeping it minimal. For shoes I wanted to experiment with something other than loafers or black formal platform shoes. So I made Masroor wear a slick pair of black sneakers keeping in mind the casual look. The classic Lennon glasses round up the look. I had a lot of fun doing pictures for this task. Masroor was an absolute natural when it came to posing for the camera. This was my fifth task and by this time I had had a better understanding of clothes and styling than the time I had started. I hope you guys like the styling. Here’s how it all looked in the end:






Peace in.