| The one with the Sketches |

So my summer vacations are finally on and I’ve taken a break from a lot of things and moved back home so that I can finally concentrate on things that I’ve always loved doing. Sketching happens to be one of them. Also we don’t have a WiFi connection at my place and the dongle that I’m left with isn’t really the kind of thing you’d associate with high-speed Internet, a.k.a it’s effing slow! I can hardly Google things but that’s obviously the last thing I’d like to bother myself with. 😛 There is a sense of happiness and a lot of peace in not being able to have a perfectly fine Internet connection. Where I currently live is far-far away from the city. So there’s no traffic, hardly any people, or any noise. So I am mostly hibernating and then the time I’m left with is usually spent in sketching, jogging (fitness is my new found field of interest 😛 ), or watching Queer as Folks. This is one show that I perhaps love even more than Game of Thrones. I love how it lets me travel into the crazy world of Babylon which is full of sex and well, more sex. It is a pretty cool show and if you ever have the time to or if you’re a little curious, you should watch this show.

Like I said I’ve been back to sketching lately.  It used to be my sole source of entertainment when I was a little kid. I would finish off bundles of A4 sized sheets that my father would get for us drawing things that’d interest me back then. One of them was drawing women wearing loads of jewelry. When my art teacher found my sketches he insisted on sending me to him for formal training in drawing, and that’s how I got into it. I trained under him for five years till the time I was ten and then now after almost ten years since I last took my drawing lessons, I finally felt the urge to get back into sketching. So before I came back home, I managed to Google a set of sketches that I wanted to sketch while I’m here.

To start with, one must always start with the little elements in a drawing. Start from the top of the drawing, or if it’s a portrait, start with the face structure first. Once you have the basic skeletal, keep adding the other important elements. One of the basic techniques of sketching is to shade and smudge. I use an HB and an A1 pencil for darkness. While for drawing, I prefer using a well sharpened pencil, for shading, I like it when my pencils are a little blunt. In order to create a darker solid colored shade, I prefer filling the required area with a blunt pencil. While for creating a shaded pattern (from dark to medium to light), slant your well sharpened pencil and shade the lining first and use the smudging technique to create the required pattern.

Before you start shading, you can make your pencil a little blunt if you want. Makes it easier to work with.
I use a small piece of kite paper for smudging. Also make sure you have a larger piece of cloth or kite paper to make sure that the pencil marks aren’t all over your sheet.



The final piece.

The following are some of the sketches I’ve been working on lately. All of them are a recreation of sketches I came across on the Internet.




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