The Unfunny Mind



Let’s get down to the point. I was just about to start my preparations for a supposed surprise test the next day when my hands automatically went straight to the start button of my laptop following my web browser. My hands are smart. They know what they have to type in the search box. Just the letter ‘F’, followed by the enter key and I’m magically transported into the exciting and happening lives of all my 1k friends on Facebook, more than half of whom I’ve never heard of. I added them years ago when I was first introduced to Facebook and the only thing that mattered was having the maximum number of friends. And as they say, ‘Never say never!’. I never said ‘NO’ to a gazillion amount of fake and unknown profiles who wanted to be my friends. And now skimming through my friends list to un-friend the unknown ones is the last thing on my to-do list. The AIB Roast was #1 on my Trending list and the fact that I had a surprise quiz next day completely erased out of my mind. For once it struck me, it’s a 10% quiz. I must study! But then it was supposed to be a ‘surprise’ quiz. Woh surprise quiz hi kya jo surprise na kar sake? So I let go my skeptical self go back to sleep and clicked on the link that took me to a filthy land of AIB Roast. And it indeed was bloody (with a British accent, because I like it that way :P) funny.

    So there are two things I want to talk about. Firstly it was sort of the first time that Karan Johar sorta came out. I’m glad he ‘sorta’ did. I strongly believe that coming out is a personal choice and more importantly a very personal one and that no-one must ever out anyone without his/her consent. That said, I’m sure Karan Johar is an out man to his closest set of friends and I really don’t have much of an issue with him not being officially out to the public. Despite the fact that he can be a huge source of inspiration to many closeted individuals out there, I do agree that it is his call and I completely respect that. But is dropping little hints in public the only way to make that happen? I sort of was a little happy that he did come out in his not-so-esoteric way through the roast, but I’ve also come across people who doubt whether his coming out on roast was dignified enough.

    Moving on to the petition filed against AIB at the Mumbai High Court. Everybody is entitled to their own personal opinions, and I obviously respect that. But don’t we need to develop a sense of humor ourselves? Is moral policing required for things that aren’t even forced on us? Like the people at TVF said, “It’s like me going to a restaurant and asking them to ban Sea Food in the menu just because I don’t have it.” Again none of us were forced to watch it. There was a disclaimer that very clearly stated watch it only if you want to!

    The Delhi elections had been on for a while in full swing and for the first time I actually saw how politics works. “The best way to make our party look good is by bringing the rival party down”. But as they say, “You can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else!

Peace in.

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