CodeName: Life’s Next Door

    Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of my juniors back from school as well as my college and they’ve been asking me about unconventional career choices and counselors to be able to know more about job security and opportunities in that field. ( And just so that you remember I am doing my engineering, the supposed secure option to opt for, as quoted by the gazillion amount of parents I’ve met during my high-school days).

    Firstly there is no secure option after you’re done with your boards. It is extremely important to make your choices wisely and free from all the meaningless prejudices that we associate a given course with. DO NOT and by that I mean NEVER opt for a college just on the basis of that hundred percent job placement that it offers by the end of those three-four years. Rather opt for a college that makes you deserving enough to get one.

    So what if you’re stuck up with a course? What is it that you should be doing when you know you don’t want to do the one you’re stuck up with?

Been there. Done that. 😛

    The only way out is facing your problems. DO not crib over how imperfect things were or are. Do not sit and ponder upon how mean and unfair your parents and the world has been to you by making you do a course that you never wanted to do. Move on. Think of the next thing that you could do to make it better. Some of us know what it is that makes us happy. But are scared. What if it doesn’t happen the way I want it to happen? Even if it doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to happen, you’ll always be happy that you gave it a try. We live in a world where giving ourselves and our dreams that one opportunity is a must. Just go there and do it. You’ll at least live in peace.
And what if you still haven’t found out the next thing that you want to do? Still not aware of your goals? Look what I found on Insta:

PC: Instagram. #regram #bossbabes 

Haha. Not necessarily. Just calm down and talk to yourself. In the long run you’ll find your way out.
     And remember, there is ALWAYS a way out. If you want it, you’ll get it. If you were searching for the solution to your problems and a good counselor, then you need to look into that mirror. There it is!

Moving on.
    *I’ve recently also had the pleasure of meeting some douche bags. The kind of people who keep you hanging and never want to learn and induce the ability to come to a conclusion. These are a dangerous group of homo-sapiens who have the appalling ability to feed upon your emotional strength and stability. In reality they are just bumbling buffoons.* #PunIntended

    More importantly these are also the kind of people who remind you of how you’re supposed to prioritize. They should never break you or bring you down. Sometimes God makes you meet the most awful set of people to make you wiser and stronger. Do not let his/her bitterness take over your palatability.

    There is something very important that I’ve learnt in the last couple of years. There are three kinds of doors you come across in your life that you’ll have to walk through:
1. The ones that you’re super-excited  to walk through. Make sure it is worth it before you do that.
2. Then there are the ones that you’re indifferent about walking through.
3. And lastly there are the ones that you do not wish to walk through but you still gotta walk through it. These are the important ones. You either choose to cry and crib about it all through out your journey or you choose to walk through it with your head held high.

And someone had the most amazing Halloween. Thanks to my mad set of friends  😉

 Peace in.

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