10 Pros Of Being Gay

With every passing day everybody around me reminds me of how blessed (*Touchwood*) I am to be queer. So I thought why not make a list? Remember, fat, skinny, tall, short, conventional or unconventional, you are beautiful and perfect the way you are.
I had the most fun-filled Diwali week ever. And I also got to watch Haider. One of the most well made movies I’ve watched in a long time. Go watch it, if you haven’t.

So *Drum Rolls* and here goes the list:

1. Easier Teenage Dating:
Till the time you’ve come out to your parents you can get your guy/girl to your place without being answerable to your parents. Hi-Five to all the Divas out there! Yay! 😛

2. You’re Unique: 
I’m not sure if this is statistically appropriate, since there are still a lot of gay men who have’t come out yet. But you’re one out of 10. Only one in every man or woman is queer. God loves you. You’re equally interesting. You’re unique because you are his masterpiece. 😉

3. You have a reason by-default to live:
Gay men are still a minority and acceptance is still an issue.You have a reason to live so that you could make this world a better place to live. So you have to keep swimming ’cause you’ve got so much work to do.

4. Self-awareness:
Because you were always a misfit, so you took the time to understand yourself. You never fit into the norms. You defined a new protocol according to the one that you fit into. You’re more accepting of all the “weird” around you. You know who you are. You know who you love. You know it didn’t come easy. You therefore value your life more.

5. You understand Men and Women better:
You love the same sex. So you know what your partner needs. You can pass that on to the opposite sex. And as you pass that on to your opposite sex, that same sex friend of yours who loves the opposite sex would come to you for help because now you know what that opposite sex wants and are already friends with him/her. 😛

6. Loads and Loads of  ‘Recreational’ sex:
Ahem! Do I need to elaborate more?

7. Resilience:
You were bullied all your life. You’re more tolerant than any of your straight counter-parts. I personally remember this instance of two of my 17 year old friends fighting over whose father owns a bigger car. Like what?!

There are millions out there who have to deal with the shittiest things. They have to listen to a lot of crap everyday. Remember it’s equally tough and equally easy for everyone. And it all comes down to how you look at it.

8. Same-sex Hostel:
A lot of people keep reminding me of this all the time. And I’ve always felt the luckiest about this. If you’re gay, you get to live in the boys hostel. If you’re lesbian, it’s the girls hostel. It’s like a guy getting to live in the girls hostel and vice-versa. And to all you straight people out there- In your face! 😛

9. Equal-Footing:
There are no preconceived roles. It’s no like you’re the man and I am the woman in the relationship. I want to work, and you wanna work as well. So you get to choose and act accordingly. More like an equal relationship.

10. Better understanding of your partner’s mind and anatomy:
There really are no secrets. There are no awkward moments. He understands every compartment of that train very well. She knows the secrets of her cave. Makes it a lot easier.

And now some add-ons. I didn’t include this in the main list because I don’t think it applies to all of them. So I’d say these are optional.

11. Gay men make very good best friends:

They help guys by telling them what girls want. Help girls by telling them what men want. In my case I help my girlfriends with their shopping plus with what they must wear at that XYZ event.

Through all my years of living in denial I got to learn one of the most valuable lessons in life. Self-denial and  self-pitying is the worst thing one could do to oneself. God loves you as much as he loves all his other children and you’re no less. Respect yourself and don’t you dare be scared of being who you are, And I’ll surely be able to add more to this list in the future. 😉

Peace in.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Effeminare and commented:

    One of my favorite posts with the second highest views on my blog. Almost a year since I wrote this and not much has changed. Here are the ’10 Pros of being Gay’ (or may be 11?). Give it a view and let me know if there’s something I am missing out on.

    Peace in.


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