Straight Crush ^_^

Perhaps the most difficult part about falling for someone is getting over them. It’s the most beautiful feeling when you could just think of being with that person and just take in that moment only to realize that it would never happen. Effing feelings! I hate being rejected. And I guess everyone of us would agree with me on that. We all want to win. We all want to be able to have everything that we want. And there is nothing so selfish in wanting to have everything, I mean why not?! Our needs are endless but the important thing to take into consideration is whether we’re being selfish. My needs should never be at the cost of his/her needs, emotions and sentiments. It should as well not be based on what he/she has and what I don’t. You must need it, because you need it, and not ’cause that person has it. Similarly it is as important to plan our future according to the way our minds function.

Being sec C 😉

One of my school teachers had very aptly quoted, “You don’t get what you desire but what you deserve”. He has the most amazingly quotable quotes one could ever come across. I mean this is just so true! I need to make myself deserving enough to be able to live with what I want.

So some days back, I made a new friend (who I fell for) but he happened to be straight and it felt like shit. For the first time I had fallen for someone not because of the way he looked, but because of who he was. And it really felt like love. And it felt super awesome. I was like, “This is how I want my partner to be”. The silver lining is the fact that at least I now know the kind of guy I want. Guess that is the reason I fell for him. That is how I think life becomes easier. I obviously know that I cannot expect him to love me back. But we must always learn to make the unpleasant experiences our lessons of wisdom. It is these unpleasant moments that define us. I’ve also noticed that I tend to fall for people who are hard to get. The real truth is that we are all desperate sexual beings. All of us want it as much, it’s just that it is easier for some of us to get it and more difficult for others. But I still can’t stop wanting the things that I don’t have. That is the funniest part of it all.

The easiest way of getting over your straight crush is learning to accept the truth. When I know that I would only end up wasting my energy by thinking of him over and over again, then it is best to move on and focus on better things in life. So the next time you feel horny and want to make love and have no one to make love, just breath in and look around and then read this, “Expect the best. But be prepared for the worst. :P”. Another quote by my quotable quotes waale sir. 😉

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