Delhi Metro – The Ride of Your Life?

It’s 7:45 in the morning and I’m in the Delhi Metro. I’ve thankfully gotten a seat but deep down there’s a tinge of fear. Fear, because I have a test, a viva and an assignment submission to be made. And more importantly because of what happened 2 days back. While I was travelling to Noida, a Delhi security official was asking a woman (a supposed suspect) to leave the Metro premises since she had been on the platform for more than an hour, and the officials didn’t want to take the risk since the Metro is on *High alert*. The metro has received threats. Interestingly I wasn’t as scared then as I am now.

    Millions flock towards the Delhi Metro Station everyday for work, school, college, and more important things that I can’t think of now (Oh wait, I found one. How could I forget this! Dates J) . Some also take the metro for a pleasure ride (remember the Metro sex scandal?). Everybody wants to experience the Metro. It’s fun. The way everybody around you is in a hurry makes it all the more fascinating. You don’t know any of these people and yet you travel and sit together in peace to reach your final destination. Okay, so where was I? The threats! It’s almost like you’re travelling and travelling and travelling and Boom! The lives of millions down the drain in the flash of  a second. And I’m mind-mindbogglingly befuddled at this thought. Why would anybody do that to anybody? Why so much hatred? Why can’t we just happily co-exist? More than the concept of patriotism, religion, communities there is that one common thread of humanity and compassion that binds us together. Why do we act so blind? There’s obviously a lot more to the entire story than I could possibly see. During the Mumbai attacks back in 2008 and the whole Kasab related fiasco, I remember coming across this excerpt of how the young boys are sent to be trained for such attacks. Sometimes the families are paid a gazillion sum for letting their boys into this. I’m only an observer and I have no idea how it works.

PC: Nandika’s iPhone
(I know clicking photos in the Delhi Metro isn’t allowed. But I just sneaked in! ;))

    I really don’t like it when I see little kids begging all around for money and food. I mean it’s beyond sad to see how lives around us are completely at this level of extreme poverty. And I can’t even do anything about it. But this time it really struck me. There were three little girls not more than eleven years old. One of them very well dressed in her school uniform- a blue skirt and a white shirt. She came running towards me and asked me to pay for her school fee. She gave me a sheet of paper. I paid thirty rupees, wrote my name and walked into the station. She kept looking at me with the most heart-broken look on earth. I simply couldn’t stop thinking! The worst part was confusion. The government of our country provides free education to underprivileged kids till the age fourteen. Why does she still have to beg for her school fee? This is not a blame-game. I don’t wanna blame anybody for this because I don’t even know how a country actually functions. But I just hope it gets better. I don’t want to see little girls begging for education outside metro stations.

    Metro is in the truest sense the ride of your life.  With all the colorful people around, with every being having a distinct story to tell. There is pace, rush, drama, enigma, disappointment and ecstasy. It’s like the perfect recipe for a perfect show. The smoky eyes, the dark circles, the first timers, the quirky prints, the (flaunting of my “cool”) shades inside the metro, the “The Fuck- He’s shit Hawt” kinda guys, to “I don’t give a shit” kinda uncles. I hope all of this never comes to an end. Let the Metro be immortal. Long live our Metro! :*

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