|| The Receptionist ||

The technical fest at my college was in full swing last week. It was absolutely crazy and then we didn’t have classes for a day, which is a huge relief given the fact that I have classes everyday from 9 to 5. And they said engineering was fun! Yeah, right. *-_-*

Amod has clicked all of these pictures. This one’s with the very hot and happening Salko. I finally got her picture clicked. She’s usually shy. :*

    College is fun though. There’s freedom, which I absolutely adore about our college. But then it’s definitely nothing like Kuch kuch Hota hai. The first class isn’t going to be like, “Toh pyaar kya hota hai?” Okay so getting back to reality.  I love fests. One of the major reasons being the fact that there are so many people who visit your college. And I get to see, ahem! “More good looking men than usual”. And this time the experience just got better. Not a man entered our college without giving me his number or without speaking to me. 😛

    Yes you heard me. I was at the reception desk. The job obviously  isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But it seemed like the best job to me. Sitting with your computers on. Getting to be all dressed up the entire day. Speaking to all the colorful people around you as if you know the entire encyclopedia. This was the only time I’ve had the answers to all the questions I was asked. Good WiFi speed meant I could also watch and re-watch the pretentious movie reviews. (I know Kanan Gill is hot!) 😛

Just a word of advice to all the people who would be joining colleges in the future. Make sure you become a part of such fests at your college. There is always so much to learn. Trust me it’s going to be absolute fun and you’ll carry all these memories with you forever. Good Luck! 🙂

Maji Maji Maji! And his friend at the back who thinks I look like VJ Andy ^_^

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