The One with The Pretty Face!

Oh F**k! He’s so pretty man. An year back when I joined this college, I was mesmerized by the pretty faces around me. Felt like a perfect K Jo movie. And I for the first time could appreciate the fact that even I could fall for someone. I met my first real crush. And there were so many I fell for. There was that brainy guy, the well-built one, the tall one, the pretty face, and that..Uh! Forget it! How does it even remotely matter anymore. I had never experienced any of this before. So much freedom, so many men around, 
The Eff! This was heaven man. 

Unfortunately not every man you fall for would be “The One”. Love is actually a pretty strong term. You never fall in love with someone instantly. It is a process. There should be that connection. He should care for you. He shouldn’t be the one who’s there for a week and vanishes into the thin air for the next four weeks. I’ve come to realise that there are so many men around, for whom it is so easy to just stop reacting to the person who’s fallen for them. They think once they stop reacting, things would simply fall back into place. If you’re one of them, then I just want you to know that it’s far more easier for you to move on than it is for them. Some people aren’t such *Playas* the way you are. Let the other person know that you’re a lot more than just that pretty face. Bahut philosophy jhaadta hoon mein! 😛 
During a group discussion session, I along with a group of other people (since it was a GD :P), were given the topic, “Beauty Over Brains” to talk about.Back then I gave the most goody answer on earth. I said “Of course brains.” It should be like that, but is it really like that? A lot of the times I tend to help people irrespective of their slack towards me, just because I had a soft corner for them someday. That is highly ridiculous, but I still do that. No matter how hard we try, we can’t stop judging the book by it’s cover, and I have proof. The man above is called “Jeremy Meeks”. And he’s known for being, yeah right you heard me, “BEAUTIFUL”. His, Ahem! Sexy mugshot has been doing the rounds on Facebook. Some people have also written, “He’s too pretty to be a criminal”. And I be like: ” Whad tha Fuck! Did you like even listen to yourself before typing that in.” He was arrested and charged for a felony charge of street terrorism as well as for a misdemeanor charge of resisting/obstruction of justice. But who cares, he’s pretty!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Pretty Faces Rule? Naah! Pretty Hearts any day Rule!  😉 😀

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