When I Came out to MY Pals!

I hate awkward moments. And therefore I hate coming out. And now I’ve come out so many times that I tend to assume that people just know it. Am glad when I had to come out to my mummy-papa  this year, I already had had my demos (like a zillion demos). It’s like mathematics mixed with theater. Difficult yet interesting. Boring yet dramatic. And how I love drama!

    Another thing. This one’s more of a confession. I am extremely awkward while talking to men. More pathetic when they’re wearing their smarty pants. It’s like someone just blow dried me with chilling cold air. I become devoid of all my vocabulary and expression. And I speak of all the shit you could come across on earth. So the year that passed by has been an year full of broken closets for me. And that would be more metaphorical than literal and on more levels than one. That  reminds me of the days at school when the teacher gave your script to another contestant who’d come for the debate competition that you as well went to audition for, only to make you feel like a Smelly cat. But you know it’s not your fault. And this has nothing to do with what I’m gonna type next. It’s good when you can make a transition from a world where you can so not think of anything interesting happening to you, to the one where you at least have a vision. Vision to me is more like a necessary evil. Sometimes I cannot think of anything other than it, but that also becomes the silver lining. Okay so enough of philosophy, let’s get back to my pals.

Credits : Kartik Gupta. I know he has a cool Camera. This time I just felt I should put a picture of mine, since this one’s about me and my pals. The pretty lady with the orange bag is one of my closest friends Stuti. She was the first one I came out to at college. Thank You Stuti. Love ya loads. :*

Thankfully I have a set of friends who’re very good to me. But then I do get some very…. Well let’s just have a look:

Baccha: Uh! Just so that you know, am Gay.

Pal-response(PR) #1: Wow I would have never known you were gay. You look so straight!
(Baccha says: Crap! Why was I even trying to act straight all these years? I’m such an effortless actor. Knew it. Thank You.)

PR #2: I am just curious. Is there something different about your body?

(Baccha says: Yes. I might just have a cave down there. I mean STFU!)

PR #3: Wait you’re not attracted to me right?

(Baccha says: You didn’t hear me. I’m gay not desperate. And no you’re not that pretty :P)

PR #4: If you ever get into a relationship, will you be the husband or the wife?

(Depends yaar! On special occasions I like receiving gifts. But when it’s someone’s birthday, or may be when it’s Christmas I don’t mind giving one.)

PR #5: Aren’t you afraid you’ll get HIV?
(You either didn’t have your share of sex education or you have still not hit puberty.)

PR #6: So how will you have kids?
(It’s not always about reproduction, it’s more about recreation :P)

PS: Remember that people are always going to be awful. And this is not just about gay men and women. But they can be your strength. Let them be your stepping stones and as I always say, “It does get better”.

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