|| Was born a MUTANT || :P

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        How incredible it is to see the way our minds change within just a year. We are constantly evolving and changing. Bullies become supporters. Enemies become friends. Unpleasant moments become happy memories.

        At school I always wanted to be with the cool kids. The people who had a cool set of friends like the one they had in *Friends*. The truth is we are all misfits and our weaknesses and limitations are our strength. No one’s perfect. We are all trying to lead the near perfect life. That is what keeps us going. Some have to fight racism, diseases, break-ups, while others have to suffer abuse and embarrassment. I told a guy, a year younger to me, that I had joined Kathak (an Indian classical dance form) for my self-growth credits and he was quick to answer me back, “Aren’t you ashamed of going for the classes?” Another friend of mine asked me if there was something different about my body. Earlier it befuddled me how unaware some of us were. It doesn’t bother me anymore. Words are powerful. Very very powerful. And we need to keep a check on them. If you are unaware and speak something stupid, that is still pardonable. But knowing and not responding accordingly is sheer stubbornness. I don’t mind being called a girl, a bisexual, a transgender, or any other fancy sexuality you can associate me with. For me what matters the most is whether am being good enough as an individual.

I usually don’t look back and analyze things because I’m not going that way. But I like how I’ve made friends with my bullies. They were just unaware. I’m not upset and I don’t want to be angry. I was once. But I no more am. Anger makes things and situations messier. Don’t crib over how imperfect things were or are. Nobody had a perfect childhood. Nobody had the perfect prom. Nobody is going to get it all. We can only prioritize.

Every situation we go through is a well calculated measure by god. He’s given us a wonder bucket full of hope and talent. And he’s given us a little mug of problems. Sometimes the mug devours on our hope and faith. More like the way how fire feeds on oxygen. We are all mutants with special powers. My father once told me that human beings are the greatest creation of God. We’re lucky to be born as humans. Our superpower is the hope that we live with. Save it up. Preserving it is the key to success. Don’t let the mug take over the bucket. Don’t let the mug empty your wonder bucket. You can make it big. You will make it big. End of story.

Peace in.

One Reply to “|| Was born a MUTANT || :P”

  1. Hmmm. Seems a paradox is bubbling up for me. I live by the notion that – that which I come from – let's call that “Source” – that “Source” is perfect. How can that which comes from Source be anything less than perfect? How? Human hubris.
    hmmmm . . .


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