When I Came-out to my Mummy Papa!

Mujhe Mummy Papa se bacchaoooooo..!
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And I finally get to post things on my blog which makes me super happy. The WiFi’s finally there and am back to college after a three month break and I finally have high speed Internet. Not that I’m an Internet addict, or am I?
So I came out to my parents like a month ago. I made them read one of my write-ups and it was ahem! Well let’s just stick to focusing on better things in life. So after the catastrophic coming out incident I thought of how it would be for a guy in India to come out to his parents. Let’s have a look:
 Baba: What does this mean? (Pointing at, “And I feel so blessed to be gay”.)
Baccha: Well, there’s something that I wanted to tell you about. This is something very important and I want you to calm down and give yourself the time to accept this. Please don’t over-react.
Baba: But I don’t get this. Who are these gay people?
Mum: How did you get to know about all this stuff? These are bad things. I don’t know what children these days are reading and are exposed to.
(Looks at the father) It’s the internet I tell you.
Baba: I don’t know what to say.
Mum: When did you get to know all of this? This is all non-sense. You’re always with the girls. That’s the reason why you don’t feel that way for girls. Hang out more with the guys.
Men don’t live with men. What a man wants can only be fulfilled by a woman. Who will cook your food?
(What I was thinking: Yeah right, my sister is going to work as much as her husband at the office and will come back home to cook food. Badhiya! Kalol cheezein na sikhaayein mujhe -_- )
*Oh BTW Kalol means Syaapa.*
Baba: A man always needs a woman. There have been so many poets and writers who’ve described women to be the greatest creation of God. Bacche, listen to me. Give yourself the time. Maybe you haven’t met the real girl yet (read as: maybe you haven’t met the girl who can turn you on.)
Mum: Arey it’s the internet and these shows that he’s been watching on his laptop all the time.
You cannot even clean your room. And then you tell you wanna marry a man. This is ridiculous. We’ll talk about it when the time comes. Now you’re young. I’m your mother. God will listen to me. I never gave birth to an abnormal child. You are normal. Things will be alright soon.
(Goes into the kitchen with a devastated face. She’s almost about to cry)
(What I was thinking: I didn’t get the cleaning part. Only women can clean rooms. -_-)
Baba: Listen, you need to calm yourself down. I don’t know what made you think this way. Just make sure you find a solution to all your problems, okay?
Baccha: Yes, Papa. (So now this is a problem. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mujhe mummy papaa se bachaaoooo!)
Moral Of The Story:
I’ve always found a lot of people being all disheartened after they come out to their parents, especially their mothers. But we need to know that the first reaction of our mothers isn’t the last. It’ll take time to seep in. It’s difficult for any parent. I was almost hopeless in the beginning but I do see instances where she wants to know more about the community. It isn’t acceptance as of now but I’m hopeful that it will get better. Trust me. Give her time. Talk to her. Just don’t give up on her. She is your mother. No matter how difficult it may seem, she will understand. All the best to all the people who’re thinking of coming out sometime. Coming out can be emotionally draining. Keep calm and Remember, it always gets better! 
Peace in.

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