Benim Yakışıklı Adam

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He has the most magnificent brown eyes,
I could so effortlessly vanish into them.
Those fine delicate lines that guard his eyeball,
Like a splash of bright light on a dark winter moon,
And how I’d never want to find my way out.
He must smell like murraya mixed with Spanish marjoram,
Or may be cologne.
With his exhilarating voice he made me fall on my knees
His lush black hair with streaks of mocha
Made me fondle his hair,
The cafunè they say in Brazil,
His smile would melt my heart.

His fragile and cotton soft face
Carved by the mightiest and the wisest of the Lords.
One fine day he must come dressed in velvet and jewels
I’d wear a jacket with  an eternal cape
That would be royally blue pashmina adorned with jade
The touch of satin on your face,
Yes! And the way it must softly glow
Your arms wrapped around me
I feel like I can live like that forever
I know you’d come
I know we’d meet
I know how you’d hold my hand
And how my fist would perfectly fit into your’s
Seni cok uzladim!
Seni dusuniyordum
Bende seni seviyorum.

One Reply to “Benim Yakışıklı Adam”

  1. Reblogged this on The Effeminare and commented:

    I’d written this poem more than a year ago for someone extremely special to me. I stumbled upon this while I was going through my older posts and some of the things made me smile, while some made me laugh real hard thinking of how naive I must have been. But then we all evolve. It’s only when we make mistakes that we learn how to fix them.

    Peace in.


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